I write mostly at my computer. It’s a desk top. So I can’t write like I want to, when I am away from home. The times I have to write away from home, it is usually on a napkin, old envelope, or even on my hands. Sometimes I have had to pull off to the side of the road just to write. It is amazing how fast thoughts can disappear.

Home is usually never peaceful. I have dogs chasing cats, cats chasing the dogs. I live on a busy street and there is always noise outside. But somehow I have learned to drown it all out and focus. If it is important enough for me to present to the public, I stay determined to finish whatever it is I need to say.


The Beauty of Home…Gettysburg!

I could spend hours on the subject of home. First, although my children are full grown and have moved out, I have their memories all over the house via pictures and lots of their growing up memorabilia. Home is where I can still house my children’s memories and make news ones with them and my grand-children. Second, if you take a look at this picture, this is the beauty of my surroundings…Gettysburg! It is indeed a magical place. Lastly, home is where I can just be my own personal self. Since I work from home, I don’t have to get dressed up to go to work. If I choose to, I can stay in my pajama’s all day and get my job done.  I can connect with people all over the world and I don’t even have to leave…my home! It’s very cool!!!


As a photographer in Gettysburg, I spend hours on the battlefield. This is one of my favorite pictures. It reminds me that  God’s mercy is new every morning. There is new life with each new sunrise and with new things to do and explore. This picture brings hope and inspiration of Civil War Soldiers still standing tall, among the blighted landscape of the Gettysburg Battlefields.

Arise and shine, for your light has come!


Day two and day three’s assignment I am able to use as one post. What I have learned and what I treasure.

Wow! What a list I could generate. If only I had the time and space. But to make it short and sweet. What I have learned the most is simply this. Family is the most important thing to me next to God. I wish I could go back and do a better job at raising my kids. I would appreciate the time I had with them more.  Now that they are grown up and are having children of their own, I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like.   I have learned to appreciate each and every second I now get to spend with them. They are my treasure. As a single mom, I couldn’t wait for them to grow up and get out of the house. I have since learned that was a huge mistake.


One thing I am so excited about, is being able to meet new people from around the globe. I am ever so thankful for my new blogging and writing class, as this is just one of the many ways I can meet new people. I can share my thoughts and work with them and they can share their thoughts and work with me. What is important to us as human beings, is the need to connect with others.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment and to share your lives with me. I truly am looking forward to meeting you and hearing all about you too. Just also please bear with me. I do read other posts and comments. Yet, I find myself getting so caught up in them, I neglect my work. LOL! So, I am going to try hard to find balance.

Thank you again!

DAY 1’s Assignment: WHY I WRITE and WHY AM I HERE?

Ever since I was a little girl, when my mother would catch me writing on my mattress because I did not have any paper, it was evident even then, that I would grow up to become an author. Writing is like my skating. It is part of my make up. Yet, due to a brain injury, although the writing itself it not harder. The editing and creating something of value for others to read is difficult.

I am always working hard on learning new ways to improve my writing skills. It is nice to be a part of this class. Thank you so much. I look forward to learning from all of you! Juliana