I Am a Christian! But NOT a Christian Author!


So what does the title mean? It sounds almost like a contradiction. Well, people ask me all the time what I write about. In trying to find and reach my audience, I know exactly who my audience is; everyone! My books are not just for Christians. It does not sound very Christ like to me and most likely not to you either.

But here’s the deal. I write books that are motivational and inspirational. If I claim to be a Christian author, then only Christians will read my books. HA! The religious do not like me nor do they approve of me. So why would they even bother reading something I wrote, or go see a movie I produced? So on that note, I am basically screwed from reaching anyone…ever!

I have been photographing the picture from the wrong angle.  To capture the most of what I want, I have to realign myself. I do not just want Christians to read my books and to go see my films. Here is why. A lot of what I write is based on personal experience. Because I was the victim of Domestic Violence, I have been able to help many women who are beaten down emotionally. But not from a Christian point of view alone.  I have been there. I have had people read my “I Defied…Suicide” book and tell me much of the same things. I write not as a religious Christian. I write from a woman who has a lot to say from life experiences. God is indeed my universe. I am a Christian. But I am so much more than that. I am a woman; mom; friend; boss; photographer; writer; film producer; figure skater; coach; athlete; creative….and the list goes on and on. I have tattoos that the religious frown upon. I have disabilities that I struggle with every single day. I am high maintenance and it sucks at times to have to live with me.

Believe me, my view point is of personal hardship, perseverance and success. Which is precisely what I want to be able to pass on to someone in need. If I use the label “Christian Author,” I diminish my audience. But on the other hand, what I do is compelled from the love of God inside me. If Christians only come to see my Summer Ray film series, basically it would defeat the purpose. The purpose is triumph over tragedy and seeing the truth hidden in lies of the devil. Not that Christians cannot and will  not benefit from it. But the main objective is, to reach farther across the board to those who do not know Christ at all and who are in need of empathy and not judgment.

I had asked for prayer from a certain ministry. But this ministry is not exclusive. This happens a lot! Their response at first was heart-warming and at first I was encouraged, until I got to the last paragraph. Because in order for me to be blessed, I had to send them money within their allotted time schedule.   If I have to pay for prayer; if God’s anointing only lasts so long; and if His mercy and grace are conditional, I don’t want Him.

These are the kind of people I do not want to be associated with. It’s almost like false advertising. Not every one understands that. But I do. Many people have been deeply discouraged by this kind of garbage. I do not want to be like them. I simply just want to help people by being a good steward over the gifts, talents, and abilities God gives me. I want to show His love, His forgiveness, His kindness, His mercy and His truth.

This is why I will never be a Pastor or an Evangelist. I can better serve God and the rest of the world by just being me! I have to keep it real. Not everyone can handle that. People get easily offended. I try to speak the truth in love. But sometimes truth, is not always easy to hear. My job is motivation. It is not to sugarcoat reality!




It is my “choice” to figure skate. I have been skating a very long time and I will not ever give it up. Yes at times, it is a sacrificial choice. When my body says, “Stay home.” Or when I would like to buy something else and I need to make the right choice, to save the money for my skating. The choice I make today, affects my progress or the goals I have set. In fact, every choice I make today affects my future.

We do not always think of how our choices affect our daily living and our futurist lives. Normally, we don’t generally stop and ask, “How will this choice affect me or others in my life?”  Most of the time, bad choices manifest the results later on. So we don’t always think about the choice we make at the time we make it. In regard to my skating, I make the choice twice a week to get myself to the ice rink. I have made amazing progress by having a great coach and my own dedication. I can see the choice I make, almost immediately, is for good. But when I am practicing to pass a test, it takes months or even years to accomplish. So I make the choice to persevere until I pass and can go on to higher level.

We all have choices to make; whether right or wrong, good or evil. I hope that my choices are producing hope and inspiration for others. I want to be a beacon of light for anyone who is in danger of crashing into something that could bring them harm and steer them once again, in the right direction!



Faith to me, is the unspeakable decision to just do it anyway. Against all logic; against all fear; against all the doubts of others; and against all traces of what I see or don’t see.

Faith to me is an invisible trust in the God I love. This is accompanied and proven by each step I take forward, toward success and victory. My faith makes God happy. It is priceless to Him. He can provide everything I need with one word.  When the time is right, He will fulfill His promise.  But if I do not persevere and keep adding works to my faith, I will get nothing.

Sure I get frustrated and anxious, when I see what I have to have, to do what I need to do and don’t yet have it. Sure I get down and feel at times like I have worked so hard and have so little to show for it. But when you look at what faith gives God, you cannot put a price tag on it. God is able to do abundantly above all that I can even ask or think. He is able to provide it all in one word as previously stated. The issue is not God. It is me wanting it all right now.

I have to change my thinking. Just like Thomas Edison, failure doesn’t mean I failed. It just means what I tried did not work. I have to keep trying until I find the right source or the right way to do something that God approves of. What may have worked beautifully for others, might not be God’s way for me. I have to press in and find out what God wants me to do, in order to have what I need, to accomplish what I am meant to finish. Jesus paid taxes by a fish. He healed blind eyes with dirt. Naaman was healed of leprosy when he finally submitted to what the Prophet Elisha told him to do. At first his pride got the better of him. He did not want to dip himself seven times in the dirty Jordan River.

So, the only thing I can conclude is, I am not going to get what I need using conventional and worldly methods. I have to go to the fish, or the dirt, or to the people, places and things that are totally contrary to the obvious. WHY? So God will get all the glory for this. So people will look at it and be astonished that it actually was accomplished by no one other than Almighty God. They won’t be able to attribute it to dumb luck or any other excuse. Yes! It takes faith too. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

So, on to new horizons of miracles. To God be ALL the glory!



I sit with you, I rest a while. I breathe the crisp clean air. Inwardly I see you smile, wishing I could see you there. I have missed our talks, our walks, our time. But you know, I am always around.  Please don’t feel like I have left you behind, for to you I’m forever bound.

I should have known, you would lift my soul. I should have come sooner to feel yours too. Life you know it takes control, doing what I’m supposed to do. Present day, is just too fast. Before I know it, the day is gone. I should have known your ageless past, would bring me comfort like the morning’s dawn.

 Thank you my friends for reminding me, to the storms God says, “Be still.” The silence speaks what eyes can’t see, as I gaze upon this hill. My settled soul, my restful heart and the knowing that you are there. Time itself can’t tear apart, these precious moments that we share!


Summer_Ray_-_Savanna_Cover_for_KindleThere are wars in foreign countries using children as human shields. The thought,
makes the reality of it almost unbelievable. Innocent people as
young as six years old, gunned down while happily watching a
midnight movie by a crazed madman. Even more unspeakable, classrooms
full of innocent children are gunned down, in a place where next to home, is supposed to be the safest. While heroic teachers, other staff and older classmates rush in or stand in front of the gunman and get shot themselves trying to protect their students and classmates.  There are no words to comprehend, or to console, such senseless tragedies. In times like these, distraught and angry people often ask, “Where is God.” God does not kill innocent little children, through abortion,
abuse or guns. He watches in horror and feels the grief of innocent
bloodshed. He is saddened America chose to take His great Name out of
its public schools and courthouses. A country that was once founded on
His Word, now tragically reaps the repercussions of removing it.

Yet churches are not immune to these types of tragedies, as innocent worshipers were gunned down inside a church in South Carolina. The removal of the Confederate Battle Flag did not stop another gunman in Oregon. Blame shifting has been around since Adam and Eve. It is time the world becomes accountable for his or her own actions.



As I began to start my day, my first thought was “people are watching.” I don’t mean watching in a bad way, like stalking. But rather, people are watching what I do.  I have started to make myself, because of my work, a public figure. It is exciting that my blogs are getting read, my books are being bought and many have taken an interest in my film series. It is also somewhat startling to me at the same time. I have gone from a very private person, to a woman who strangers want to connect with.  I have to remember it is not about me anymore.  When I read reviews of how my work has “helped more than I know,” even with my having a brain injury, it is a tremendous feeling of gratitude. I can still be a source of encouragement and comfort to someone else.

In Volume 1 of my Summer Ray Series  and first film, Rosa Parks tells Summer Ray:

“Summer Ray, to achieve with a disability, you must recognize your limitations. Looking at what you can do, instead of what you cannot. Once you accept your disabilities, you can ascend your abilities.”

Far too often, we focus on what we cannot do. It is easy to use that as an excuse to not even try to accomplish something grand. But we all have something to offer that someone else is in desperate need of. Maybe it isn’t a book, or a film. Maybe it is a cup of coffee, or those clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn, in like five years. Perhaps your heart is so full of love that you can share that with those orphans who need you. Whatever it is, you have something that someone else needs. I have to remember that too.

People are watching. If I talk it, I must walk it. I have to be consciously aware that it really isn’t about me anymore. I am God’s servant. All that really matters at the end of the day and when I wake up is, did I do what He asked of me? Did I love His people and feed His flock? Success doesn’t mean I become arrogant. It means, it becomes less and less about me. So that I can pour out more and more to those who are in need! “Unto whom much is given, much is required.” Luke 12:48 I have a responsibility to use what God gives me for the good, without complaint. Do I complain, whine and get angry that so much is required of me? Of course. Do I not want to be selfish and have my life all about me and my own happiness? I have come to realize that I will only be happy doing God’s will. Life experiences has taught me that. (Yes! I am laughing at myself). Believe me, I am not a saint. But with all my heart, I love my God. He is my lighthouse. Hopefully when people are blessed by my work, they will see Him shining through instead!



“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

I actually have this quote on my wall. I read it all day long while working on my computer. It is a constant reminder of the type of person I want to be. The Bible states something similar. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31.

I try to let my light shine in such a way that people will see I serve a loving and gracious God. He is my light and my salvation. It is not always easy in our world today, wanting to be a good person. But I cannot expect someone else to act a certain way, if I am not acting that way myself. I am not a hypocrite. When we get angry at someone else’s behavior, we must first ask ourselves if we have done something similar. If we haven’t, we still need to do the right thing. This is in hopes our behavior will rub off on others and they in turn will do the right thing as well. I am not saying I am perfect. I have my moments just like everyone else. But I try not to linger too long in those moments. I would much rather be a woman of kindness then one of rage.

Bottom line: If you wish your world to be a kinder place, are you showing kindness? If you wish your world to be more loving, are you showing love? If you wish your world to be more giving, are you giving to those in need? The change needs to start somewhere. Why not have it start with you!


Sach’s Covered Bridge; Adams County Gettysburg, PA

I have visited this bridge hundreds of times and will continue to do so! I have seen it in the winter, spring, summer and fall, and  in every kind of weather element. But there is nothing like seeing it viewed in the snow. Sometimes my work is like summer, where everything is basically green. I don’t like to take pictures during the summer due to the lack of contrast.

I need to enlist the help of others who are smarter than me. This way, they can help me get my work to the place of better movement, a smoother flow, a more dramatic spirit, the right colors, the right feel, greater excitement and even more emotional meaning. I accept with open arms, constructive criticism! I am not big on sticking with mediocre. It is like the half way point to greatness. Why people want stay in the middle, is beyond my comprehension.  Although it is true, some people are too arrogant and too full of pride to allow others to give them expert advice. I don’t understand it. When an expert tells me I have a great compelling story, after I have had to rewrite something several times, it makes me jump for joy! It means I now have a finished product of something valuable. I can hold a diamond in my hand, instead of a cubic zirconia. Why? Because I refused to settle for less then the absolute best.

If it means going the extra mile or swallowing one’s pride, isn’t it worth it in the end?


Right on the brink of a breakthrough, I can see it on the horizon. I stop. I look. I take a breath.  I have come so far. I have worked so hard. I have beat the odds. Physically, mentally and socially exhausted, as pain screams throughout my body and soul. No one knows but God, how much I have had to endure to get to this day. We are right at the tipping point of something grand. But I am too weak to move. Crawl if I must, but now is not the time to quit! I smile and tear up, as I know the finish line is already crossed! It’s exciting. It’s a wake up call to many. Crawl if you must, BUT NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO QUIT. Push and if that is not enough, push harder. In a day or two, you will turn around and you will see that you are on the other side of that grueling walk toward a dream. Congratulations…It has come true!

God is faithful. Many people give up right at the point of making it. Why? Perhaps it is fear of the unknown of success. Perhaps trying to believe just one more time is too much for them. Perhaps they get comfortable with the struggle and cannot fathom the benefits of all their hard work. Perhaps they simply just give up hope and do not have an ounce of strength left. But I am here to tell you, to please give it one last push. Push as hard as you can. I don’t care if you are broke, bloody or beaten down. Just do it! Your breakthrough will break forth like a new dawn. Don’t quit!