Washington Crossing the Delaware

A few notes on politics…It’s okay to not be a Trump supporter. It isn’t okay to be a destructive non Trump supporter. I didn’t support Obama the 2nd term. It didn’t mean that I went around beating people up, or acting like a crazy person. I am a citizen of these great United States. The President who is the elected President, is my President, whether I like him and eventually her or not. I respect the Office of the President. This is where the Maxine’s of our country are so far left, it is becoming criminal. It’s okay to protest peacefully and without harming your fellow citizen or property. But when the agendas also include treason against your own elected official and his supporters, it is tyranny – unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control! When Government officials demonstrate this type of behavior, they need to be removed. Maxine, needs to be removed…period! Her lack of control will cause an all out riot in which her followers could die or get seriously hurt. Then she will blame those who fought against her and her supporters. She has had zero accountability. Which, is part of the problem in Washington. I have studied George Washington and the Revolutionary War ever since I was old enough to read. The Patriots of our country understood that tyranny against the citizens was cruel. They rose up and fought againt it. Thomas Paine wrote:

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

President Trump isn’t out there demanding that his supporters be destructive against Hillary’s. This isn’t a game. He won the election. It is very sad that some of these liberals do not deal with his administration like mature adults and express themselves as good citizens. I sense that Maxine will continue on her tirades, until she is forced out. It seems as if it will get uglier. I for one, will fight. I will not shrink back from the service of my country. Abraham Lincoln once stated:

My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.”

With so much disunity, people are losing that hope. It is our duty as American citizens to restore it!


As an up and coming screenwriter/producer, I have much to say about the current situation with women in Hollywood. First, I think they are some of the most beautiful and smart women that have ever graced the planet. They work incredibly hard on their billion dollar figures. However, I do not understand why some of those women waited ten, and twenty years, to finally expose sexual misconduct charges, against their producers and other men they worked with. But, why now? Why have these allegations been hidden for so long? Why did they not speak up when it happened? Even if…no one believed them, the chances of the abuse continuing would have been slim and not just for them, but for other women. They may have been fired from a leading role. But, is not a woman’s integrity more important then fame? The question that must be asked is this. What are women willing to do, in order to get a part? Does not tolerance and silence mean acceptance? Hollywood would cease to exist without its leading ladies. So, being fired from one role, does not mean exclusion from all. Why? Because women are needed in Hollywood as much as men are. There again, Hollywood would cease to exist without its leading ladies.

Still, I also have to ask.  What did they think was going to happen when they agreed to meet in private at a hotel room? There again, where was their integrity? I am not saying that what these men did was right. But the silence of these abused women, meant acceptance. So, the cycle was allowed to continue and it continued for many years. What a horrible way to have to live and work.

I find it very disturbing to watch the Golden Globes and other award shows, seeing most of the women half naked. I do not watch these shows to see boobs and butts. I watch them to see what films, actors and actresses win. But, I have to turn the shows off due to the dress of these women and the fact that these award shows have turned into political agendas.  There are ways to dress sexy without being slutty. Unfortunately, young teenage girls also watch these shows. If the dress code is appropriate for Hollywood, it must be, “Okay!” Let me tell you, it is not okay.  These women should have more self respect. I am not saying that just because they dress this way that it is okay for men to make “unwanted sexual advances.” There should never be sexual harassment for any reason. I am saying that those in positions of influence, should use their influence for good, especially when young teenage minds look up to them. In this case, less is not more; less is slutty and trashy. It makes them look like glorified hookers. Then they expect to be taken seriously, when they protest sexual harassment. Put some damn clothes on!!! Stay the hell away from your producers or directors hotel room. Stop putting yourself in compromising positions. It is really that simple. If you are given the ultimatum to sleep with them or lose a role, have some self respect and walk the hell out!!! 

If you want a role so bad you are willing to do anything to get it, I suggest you at that point, stop crying, “Wolf.” You have willingly allowed yourself to be used. When it has crossed over to issues of sex offenses, then you have a responsibility to speak up. There again, your silence means acceptance.

Thankfully, after so many years, women of Hollywood are finally starting to use their voice. Women, who are just as talented as men, should be of the same pay scale. Remember, Hollywood would cease to exist without its leading ladies. More and more women are coming out as directors and producers. This is a grand time for women in Hollywood. But, use your voice and your influence for good. I am not interested in “making it big” in Hollywood. I am not willing to do anything to get my “big break.” My trust is is God. He will get me where I need to be. I have a message and my message will be heard and seen across the universe, not just in California.

Till next time,