Governor Cuomo and to the other Democrats who voted for the allowance of full term abortion,  “Vengeance is God’s.” Make no mistake about it, “He will repay!” I pray on behalf of those unborn children as abortion at any stage is murder that this will somehow be overturned. Lighting up the World Trade Center in pink to celebrate the new abortion law, is despicable.  Hillary Clinton, when you are rotting in Hell for all eternity, maybe then you will realize just how putrid of a woman you really were. You smell like Satan himself! And you have the nerve to smile about it. Trust me, you won’t be smiling in Hell!

So, we can be fined, in America, and put in jail if we harm or kill the egg of an baby eagle, but we can legally murder babies up to the time of their normal birth! It is incomprehensible how this can be. It is impossible to understand. I simply cannot wrap my head around it. All I know is this, God will judge as He is the ultimate Judge.

Unfortunately, we have gone back to the time when abortion wasn’t legal and women were dying at the hands of the illegal butchers who gave them their abortions. You think by giving this kind of freedom to kill that you are saving the mother’s life? Congratulations, you have not only killed an innocent baby, you have also agreed to sacrifice its mother too. Because sooner or later, a non qualified PA or some other back street doctor is going to start killing these mothers too. As much I love New York City, it is truly a shameful day in America!



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