There comes a point in time when things hidden will be revealed. It is a spiritual law that God set in place. “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed.” Luke 8:17. At times, we wait on God to do the revealing, but He is waiting on us to make the first step. But before I get into the purpose for this blog, I need to discuss something else of great importance. I have been told that I cannot be “credible” because I have Traumatic Brain Injury. I have been called, “foolish,” “stupid” and a whole list of other names relating to my credibility. Apparently, people with brain injuries and disabilities cannot be telling the truth. Why? It is because we are disabled. This is about as pathethic as asking a Deaf person if they cry. Yes! This happened. A woman asked the Deaf teacher in a class I was taking this question and her and I both were absolutely stunned that someone could ask such a heartless thing. Yes! There are evil and heartless people in this world, who also laugh at the senseless pain of others. In fact, it makes them feel important to do so. Having Traumatic Brain Injury, the pain I felt in the beginning of the injury was excruciating. So much so, I thought of killing myself. I became like the child instead of the mother and my kids had to help take care of me.  They learned compassion at a very early age and never once complained about it. Yet, I felt they would be better off without me being such a burden. I thought suicide was the best answer for all of us. Thankfully, God intervened and I chose to live with this terrible injury. People have no real idea of the pain I suffered. My saving grace was Figure Skating. Out on that ice, I felt no pain and I was able to get strong again. I am still skating and I will never give the sport up. But, I still had the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury. Yet, my symptoms did not create a mental instability. In fact, it created just the opposite. My partial hearing loss caused me to become more alert to my surroundings. I became very sharp in observation. My training in Deaf Communication taught me facial expressions and body language.  But I couldn’t tell you what I had for breakfast that morning. I didn’t train my brain to remember food. I tried many times to work outside of home. But, due to what I am about to disclose, I never felt safe. So while at home,  I became an expert at research. I then became and author and now a screenplay writer making my first film. I have over 15 published books on the market as well. I am a photographer with over 100,000 pictures of the Gettysburg Battlefields. Mostly, I did a lot of praying and studying the Bible. God was the ONLY one who believed me. He knew what I was going through and He was the only one I could confide in. He was the one who kept me and my family safe through the years. He is the one who kept me sane when for all intents and purposes, I should have gone stark raving mad. This ordeal should have sent me to the grave. Which was their purpose. But, they didn’t realize who my Father God was and is. They did not know that their attacks forced me to get stronger. They did not realize that the more they haunted, hunted and attacked me, I grew in knowledge. What they meant for evil, God used for good. They wiretapped me, stalked me, tried to poison me, tried to run me off the highway, slammed into my car at 70 plus miles an hour trying to murder me and my son. But one of the worst parts about all of this was, the fact they used psychological warfare. They played mind games and then laughed about it. They tried to break my will. They used psychological propoganda to influence my thinking in fear. Manipulation is a trap of Satan. What they did not count on or take into consideration, is that I am also an expert of demonic tactics. I understand how Satan works to demoralize a human being. The sad part is that he uses other humans to do it. The mind is a very fierce thing that we as humans possess. But, it can be destroyed. Which is precisely what Satan wants to do. He comes, “to steal, to kill and to destroy.” If he can control the mind, he can control and possess the person. They know where I am at all times. When I went to the police about it, back in 2010, they told me I was not “credible.” They referred to my head injury and told me, I was “not accurate.” This I have in an email. Six months later, my son and I were slammed into (on purpose) by a woman going 70 plus miles per hour. The inspector said the undercarriage of the car was pushed up two feet. He estimated she was going almost 80mph. Her intent was to push us into a tractor trailer. But, God told me to keep the wheel straight and keep both feet on the brake peddle. When I saw my son get pushed forward almost hitting his head on the dashboard (yes even with a seat belt on), that image will forever be burned into my injured brain. The seven or eight years I had been fearfully dealing with being stalked, suddenly, I became a bear fighting to protect her cubs. That accident was the turning point and almost eight years ago. Which makes the time I have been dealing with this, at least fifteen years. I was threatened to my face and was told, “When it gets to the deadline, you are dead.” So, the question remains, why would anyone want to kill me? You would have to first address the fact that Satan exists in order to get a full answer to that question. I grew up in a house of witchcraft. I know how he operates and I know he doesn’t want me to work for God. I know he doesn’t want to me to reveal his strategies. If I didn’t understand military warfare, or spiritual warfare, I would have been crushed. Satan uses people to get his will accomplished. But, it does not mean they will not be held accountable.

From my own human standpoint, I have made the mistake of thinking everyone was my enemy. There was a time when I couldn’t point out who was a friend and who was a foe. I couldn’t trust anyone. Every person I met, every person I saw, I had suspicions. Which it probably showed in my eyes and actions. I stare a lot at people. But, it is to memorize features. Criminals can change their hair, and even wear contacts. But, facial features and expressions are pretty much on target. They can gain weight or lose it. But gestures and personalities, are also something that is part of our makeup.  Still, to this day, I do not know why this has happened. I have names, videos, and pictures. But, I do not know why anyone would want to bring me harm. My only spiritual reason is that Satan hates me. But, he hates them too and once he is done with them, he will pull the rug out from under them.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. They lost, even before they started. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I am on a mission. Had my son not been in the car that day, I am not sure I would be so determined to see them put behind bars for life. But, my son was hurt that day and I will never forget it. My own pain will never come close to the fact that my son was almost killed. I am a mother and I will continue to fight to keep my family safe. Does this blog sound like the rantings of a crazy mental patient? Of course not! My only hope is that one of them reads it. They know, I know who they are.  Though, I cannot raise a hand against them. That is up to Almighty God and the courts to decide. But, I am coming to make sure evidence is brought to the surface. I am coming to make sure they get a righteous judgment. And NO! I am no longer afraid of them. I am 100% confident that my God protects me and my family. No police protection ever helped us. In fact, as stated above it was just the opposite. It’s the reason I have taken so long to come out of the closet. I was tired of not being taken seriously. I trust my God. He will make the crooked places straight. In the beginning, I may have been wrong about who was doing what. But, I am not wrong about how this has been an ongoing ordeal that I have had to live with. I have had to become my own Detective. My life matters and so do the lives of my family. I have asked God to confirm the truth. I am awaiting for Him to do so. When He does, I will be the only one standing free, this side of a prison cell! PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, NEED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! As for my family, this will be a shock to them as I never told them anything until now.

Juliana Love

Gettysburg, PA







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