Due to a few months of looking for a place and then the move itself, I have been beyond stressed. It has consisted of issue after issue to the point I became numb. This move was unexpected and heartbreaking. But the new place, isn’t what I expected either. I was hoping to be able to buy my own home and then all would be right in Juliana’s world.

We have had to downsize from 4 floors to just one and a small one floor. Which means 80% of my world has to go to storage. I have tried to think positive and be positive, but the emotions of it all left me crashing to the floor in tears. I consider myself to be a pretty strong woman. But, for survival purposes only, I have had to just go with the flow.

Yet, once the dust settles, I do believe this new place will be easier to manage and I will have a more private setting in which I can just sit out on the deck and read. I will have a much clearer mind in which to write. Author’s write. It’s what we do. I have so many books to finish I have lost count. My Summer Ray series is in need of the 6th volume. But, I have been so cluttered in my life. I am thinking this new smaller place will help me to simplify things and I can truly get things accomplished. Well, at least I am still trying to be positive.

In all honesty, my focus is not on buying a home where I currently live. My heart, soul and mind are on buying a beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware. It’s all I think about, other than my normal all I think abouts. It’s like I live there on the weekends and during the summer already. I can actually feel the wind on my face, the sand on my feet and I can hear the waves crashing to shore. Do I know what God is up to? Nope! But, I do know I can trust Him, even when I cannot understand Him.

So, I will continue to see the rainbow in the storms. They will pass and the rainbow will continue to make me smile. I know God is reminding me that He keeps His promises and I just have to continue to trust Him. I can let go of the past and reach for the future in great expectation of wonderful new beginnings and great adventures. This stress will pass too. This is only a temporary situation, all this transition. But, I consider it to be a stepping stone to my beach home and yes, my eventual home near or in Gettysburg. I will never leave my children or GRANDS. But the beach house is our family home that we will get to enjoy together. So, onward!


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