Florida…I hope those who can evacute will. I know many cannot and do not have the means to leave. Some people don’t have any place to go or the money to do so. Jose is right behind Irma. Still you are in my thoughts and prayers.

My heart is broken over this country. But, I know there is beauty in the ashes. What we saw in Texas, we will see in Florida. However, three months after Charleston removed the Confederate Battle Flag, it was hit by the outer bands of Joaquin with record breaking flooding and record breaking rainfall. As my friend Tony stated, we have removed statues from Christian men, coincedence or hint that two major (record breaking) hurricanes have hit Florida, Texas and Louisana. These statues were not kindly removed either. They were ripped off their foundations, desecrated, vandalized, spit on and kicked. Then, they were thrown on top of each other in locked yards in disgrace. Confederate memorial plaques were removed from some cemeteries, a cemetery for god sake! Schools with Confederate names are being renamed as well.

If you want to talk slavery, let’s talk. Are you aware that in July of 2008, Congress officially apologized for slavery and Jim Crow? The Government was doing what was morally right and for a time being, this country for the most part, lived in peace. The ills and mistakes of the past (in both the North and the South) were healing. The shed blood on both sides was resting peacefully, though never to be forgotten.

Then in 2015, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ordered the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Statehouse. This act, sent this country into a downward spiral as it paved the way for others to do the same. It opened up the wounds of the past by blaming the Confederate Battle Flag for the deaths of 9 Blacks in a church. They did not blame the evil individual, but the flag. Apparently, Confederate monuments and flags have special powers and can make people do bad stuff.  Why? Because they are labeled racist and they cause hate.

I find this incredibly sad. We are not blaming people for their bad behavior. We are blaming the past that was apologized for by the Federal Government. We are digging up old hurts, old sufferings to please present day people, who have zero understanding of our Nation’s History.  We are removing heritages from our Confederate history and destroying monuments to great (Christian) men. These men loved God especially Lee and Jackson. We have a Christian College, banning a Christian student, for honoring a Christian General Lee.

Oh then, these same people want to blame GOD because HE is the one sending these massive record breaking hurricanes. Congratulations America, you are breaking records all over the place and this is just the beginning. You might want to put those monuments, flags and plaques back and let the past and the dead rest in peace once more.

Baltimore, you will not be immune to this; California; and other places who have also desecrated the land with ignorance! God isn’t the one doing the destroying. You started it and you have given Satan place to come in even stronger. As I previously stated, “Congratulations America. You are breaking records.”


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