How did we as a country fall so far, when it takes catastrophic damage to pull us together and to unite as a country? It isn’t those of us who are trying to see this country’s history preserved that has opened up the old wounds of the past. But rather, those who are and who have destroyed the monuments and plaques of the previous centuries. To say, “We want to preserve history,”  is not the same as saying, “We want to preserve slavery.” It is idiotic to even compare the two. Because quite frankly, there is no comparison.

Yet, look what is happening in this country. Texas has been devestated by a Catagory 4 hurricane, with unprecedented flooding, tornados and in other parts of the country they are now reporting earthquakes. To think we can just fill this country with hate and to completely ignore the bylaws of Almighty God is suicidal. This country is dying a slow, and disasterous death. He said, “Not to remove the ancient landmarks which your fathers have set.” Like it or not, history is not to be uprooted. It is not to be destroyed willingly, at the hands of humans. It leaves a curse in its wake. Which the majority of those causing the damage do not understand.

Do I think it is a coincidence that there is catastrophic damage going on in this country, right on the coat-tails of what has been happening? No! I do not. I think, however, it is just the beginning. Yet, God is merciful. The Bible says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and  heal their land.” It is time we get on our face before God and repent for all of the damage that is being done to this great land. We need to unite, not accuse. We need to realize that racism and hate are deadly tools of Satan that can kill, steal and destroy. Please remember who are you, you are an American. Whether you have slaves as ancestors or not, you – yourself are not and never will be a slave. Whether or not you have had Confederate blood in you, these great men fought and died for what they believed in. To remove their heritage is heartless. The old wounds of the past have been reopened and not by those trying to preserve history. But by those who are trying to erase it. I must add, who are also doing a damn good job of it.

Unless this country comes back together and unites, I am afraid we are only seeing, (as previous stated) the beginning of the catastrophic damages to come. Is this what it has to get to, in order for people to learn to love each other again? With all my heart, I hope not!


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