Washington Crossing the Delaware

I am going to switch gears from the film side of me, to the author side of me. It has been a while since I have posted any blogs from my author page. But, due to recent events in America, I felt the need to get up close and personal.

Here’s the deal! Satan wants to go after the Founding documents and have them revoked. The liberals in this country are eventually going to demand that anything pertaining to slavery, and those who owned slaves be eraticated from our history. Eraticated isn’t just a simple word. It means to completely destroy something as if it never existed. The problem with this procedure is that they cannot see the evil lurking behind it. Satan wants America to be immobile – incapable of movement. He wants Marshall Law to be in effect. Why? Because it is there that Americans will lose our freedom. What is the Declaration of Independence? A declaration of freedom. Who wrote it? Thomas Jefferson. Was he a slave owner? Yes! He was one of the largest slave owners in our history. The removal of the Confederate history is just the beginning. Although I do respect our President, he needs to create an Executive Order banning all removal of historical landmarks and documents.  To say it is “left up to each individual state” isn’t going to fix the problem! It is the avoidance of doing something we know that must be done.

If this country continues on this demonic path, eventually the President will have to declare Marshall Law. Why? Without law and order, there will be no law and order. The riots will increase. Is this what this country wants? Do you want to lose your freedom over history? Think about how ironic that is. Many wars were fought to ensure this Nation’s freedom. Yet, war and division are turning this country upside down and are causing another Civil War within its own borders. So, it will be war once again that tears this country a part. When it was war that has had to ensure its freedom.

This democratic, cry baby crap has to stop. Are you going to take down the Washington Monument too? George Washington was also a slave owner. His closest companion was a slave. He did not free them until after the death of his wife, Martha. It was George Washington and the Continental Army that won us our freedom from British rule. Is this country going to go so far as to remove even their historical contributions? Christians, for the love of God and country, we better be on the move. We better be praying for God to intervene. He loves this country. It was established on His Word. Yet, this is the result of removing God from our cities, schools, courthouses etc. There is unrest, ungodliness and demonic events!


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