God Shed His Grace on Thee!


It has been awhile since I blogged from my author page. But I have been very busy on my movie website http://www.thisfairandblightedland.com. Today is September 11, 2016. It has been 15 years since 911 and I wanted to take this time to address something of crucial importance. With God’s grace, as “God shed His grace on Thee,” America is a country that has the resilience to rise above the ashes and in many way we have. This country is full of strong people and we stood united. But with the passing of time that unity began to fade, until another senseless tragedy happened. I think this country has gone to great lengths, in honoring those lives who were lost at 911 with very powerful memorial tributes. Yet, what about the survivors and those who lost loved ones, or the thousands of living rescuers who saw first hand the horrific tragedy? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder still lingers on in the lives of so many of these people and with each passing year, we plaster the scene all over again, to the point, no victim can escape it. How can they heal when it is on the repeat button year after year? Memories fade it is true, but not when they are being horrifically reminded of their trauma.

It is a moral dilemma for sure. Because we must never forget and we must remember those who lost their lives. But we also must preserve the lives of those still living with this nightmare. Life is fragile and we need to be careful to protect it. This year I am keeping my 9/11 posts to a minimum. I do not want to add to someone else’s pain. So one or two posts without graphic scenes is what I did. I think we need to learn that less is more and that we don’t need to continue to post the gory details and we can still honor the fallen. It is my continued prayer that PTSD will be alleviated in the lives of so many people touched by this senseless attack.

May God Bless America!



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