I have been so focused on the first film “This Film and Blighted Land,” I started to forget why I wrote the Summer Ray Series in the first place. Seven and half years is a long time to be working on a project. There must have been a reason why. There must have been something of meaning that compelled me to do this. I remember the day I was sitting, minding my own business just watching T.V. where I used to live in Maryland. When all the sudden, I had this overwhelming need to go to Gettysburg. Bear in mind, it was the dead of winter with snow on the ground. It was February and rather cold. But, I couldn’t shake the feeling I had. It was almost as if it was a matter of life and death. I was going and no one was going to stop me.

The gates to the Gettysburg National Park were opened, though there were several inches of snow on the road. There were no humans around the battlefield. But yet, I knew I was not alone. Neither my head nor my heart could explain what my stomach was leading them to do. I just did it. So, I went to Big Round Top and finally felt a strange peace about where to park the car. It was almost as if the bottom of that hill was illuminated, like an energy field was guiding my way. Since I had to do research in Gettysburg for my first book, “The Blessings of Liberty, ” I actually felt that is why I was there. I could not have been more wrong. But, I didn’t know that at the time. So up the hill I went, sliding back down it a few times. After about 30 minutes of trying, I finally made it to the top. I do not have the correct words to describe the insurmountable beauty that I saw up on that hill, alone with the ice and snow covering the trees. It was truly a winter wonderland. But it wasn’t just what I saw. It is what I felt. History had permeated through the branches, like nothing I had ever felt before. Then when I realized I was alone, in a human sense up a hill in the ice and snow, my sense of reality came crashing back. It was then I had to question my own sanity. So, I darted back toward the snow covered path as fast as  I could. Which was a big mistake, or so I thought. But I ended up sliding and loosing my balance to the point I started falling down the hill.  There were boulders and rocks all around me and that didn’t help my fear of death any. So I started grabbing onto whatever I could to stop me. I saw a bush and grabbed on for life. I screamed so loud, I probably could have woken the dead, as a thorn bush ripped through my right palm. But it did stop be from tumbling down the hill or crashing into a boulder. When I sat up, I looked at my right hand. It had thorns sticking in it and blood was dripping from my hand onto the snow.

It was in that moment of time that my entire world changed. When I looked down at my blood on the snow, suddenly, I was involved with a history of the Union and Confederate Soldiers, I only studied about. Their cry became my cry. By the time I reached the bottom of the hill, I already had the main character for the book and film series in mind. The rest they say, “Is history!” To this day, their cry is still my cry. But sometimes we just have to go back to the beginning to understand why we chose to take the path we did. Though it might not have made sense to some, to others it also became the same path. Many have walked miles in my shoes who have helped a long the way. But it has not been without sacrifice and suffering. It has not been without effort.

I went back and read “Time…Begins Again!” It is the 5th volume of the series. I was completely overwhelmed at what I wrote. I don’t remember all that is in the books as some of the them are close to 500 pages. There again, there has to be a reason for all of this to have been written and for all of this to happen and to be happening. If God really ordered my steps as His Word says it does, if He truly wills in me both to will and to do for His good pleasure, then surely something beyond astonishing is about to happen. He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t do things without a purpose. I just had to have the faith necessary to live a life of the unknown. Production for our first full feature is upon us. God does not change His mind in the middle of something. He ALWAYS says to go to the other side. People who settle in the middle, only settle because they lack the vision of the impossible coming to pass. Or they lack the endurance it takes to paddle through the storms or the strength to tell the devil to, “Shut up! We ARE making it to the other side.”

God is faithful. His promises are always brought to pass, provided we keep on believing. Don’t let the strain of waiting for your miracle cause you to turn around and run back from where you came from! You are too close to the other side. Stand your ground; don’t fall back; don’t give up or give in; God will make a way! His rainbow is a sure sign, He hasn’t forgotten you!




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