If there is one thing I know for certain, as surely as the sun comes up and as surely as it sets, I know that God is faithful. When you answer the call of God on your life,  with a heart full of expectation, excitement and faith you begin to walk out into the unknown.  Had you known before hand that you would face giants, vultures and deserts, would you still follow the path that God is leading you? Or would you simply quit because it was too hard. Instead of growing stronger by getting closer to God, would you allow the enemy of your soul to weaken you without you fighting back? If this land of lack was what you needed to cross through, to get to your land flowing with milk and honey, would you be able to trust God for everything you needed to sustain you till you got there? Following the will of God doesn’t mean we will always like the journey. This is where a lot of Christians miss it and fall back. The pressure, the pains, the rejections, the wanting for more, it is during these times that we must look to our Savior. He has provided everything we need at the Cross. The enemy of our souls tries to get us to look away from the Cross and tell us His death was in vain. You have two choices. You can believe the enemy or you can believe your Savior. If you believe your enemy, following the will of God will be too hard. The devil will do everything he can to try and stop you. But if you believe in your Savior, He will give you, in fact, He has already given you everything you need to succeed.

I said all of that to say this. I have been working on our first film for over 7 years. We are still believing for the funding to come in. But during this wait, I have had to borrow money to live off on. We have gone without, at times, the basic necessities. It was not a pleasant way to live. The lack, however, was just for a moment. The benefits of producing a successful film series will be for a lifetime. It isn’t just the monetary gain. It is the gain of people’s hearts for the Lord. It is in seeking that one that is lost and hoping to find him or her. It is being able to cross the finish line knowing we did not quit, when we could have. There was no indication that the funding would come in. There was nothing visible to tell us where it was at. But we kept on walking. We kept on pursuing. We kept on believing. Our faith did not waver, when everything pointed to the fact that we were beating a dead horse. We didn’t look at how dead the situation was. We just kept on working it. Faith without works is dead. So we kept on working to give God our faith. Quitting was never an option and if you are answering the call of God on your life too, giving up should not be an option for you either. Treasure it. Value it. Continue walking and working even if it is on faith. We cannot see what faith is producing, while faith it producing it. Once it is manifested, we see the finish product of faith.

You have two choices. Which one will you choose? In our case, to God be the glory. We choose to keep at it!!!






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