July 25, 2016 – Devotion


As I was trying to catch my fish to take them out of a 19 gallon fish tank to a 55 gallon tank, of course, they were swimming away from the net frantically. I kept trying to tell them, “Look…I have this beautiful new tank with lots more room, with thousands of bubbles, a better filtration system, with lights, a heater and lit up – it looks really pretty.” They didn’t get it. They just kept fighting me. Finally, one after one, I manage to get them safe in their new tank and they finally got it.

I had to laugh at this because it seems to me this is how some of us act when God wants to move us on to bigger and better things and we too, frantically try to run away from Him. He knows what we do not and if we could just trust Him, even in the scary parts like being caught in a net, we will soon see that is was for our good. It’s the transition part we tend to feel “like a fish out of water” and change, at times, is frightening.

But when He puts us in the place He has for us, wow, is it ever exciting. So, if you are feeling like a fish out of water, or feel like you are being chased by a net, don’t panic. God’s got you. Trust Him. Don’t give up on drawing closer to Him. He will not fail you, nor forsake you!




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