I suffered a severe illness, in which I lost 42 pounds and half my hair. Thankfully my hair is growing back. The weight loss can stay gone. I don’t want that extra weight back. Although I was and still am thankful to be alive, I still feel at times, like I am discombobulated. Dis..com..bob…u…la…ted! It’s a funny word that simply means, “To be thrown into a confused state.” The doctors said the hair loss was due to Post Traumatic Stress. The weight loss was due to the fact I couldn’t eat for close to two months. What I managed to eat was very little.

I had to stop thinking of the “old me” and how I liked her so much better. I cannot go back to her. I have to stop looking in the mirror and missing who I used to be. I have to stop getting upset if I don’t yet have the same old stamina. I have to think on the good things that have come out of what I went through. For instance, I used to suffer severe migraines on a weekly basis. Since the day I left the hospital (almost 4 months ago), I have not had one headache, let alone a migraine. I have better skating ability since I am 42 pounds lighter. I can ride my bike with better ease. My BMI is perfect. Yes, perfect! So what do I have to complain about?

Depression can set in and weigh me down if I get too caught up in the “how I used to have long hair.” But it is growing back. Women who suffer hair loss due to cancer or what ever reason, it can be a very debilitating thing. Focus on the fact that you are not just a survivor, but you are one who thrives and one who is flourishing! You are successful. You are going places. You are a magnificent and amazing gift to the world. You are one who over comes adversity.

Everyone needs to be encouraged and lifted up. I want to be the kind of person that brings happiness to others, even if it is just a kind word to make their day. I want to be a generous and giving person to help others in time of need. I want to help people achieve their own goals that others might feel they can’t. I know what it is like to have people put me down and tell me, “It can’t be done.” I didn’t listen and you neither should you. It is my hope that my motivation will help to motivate you, to live the life you were born to live. It might just be a bump you cross on the road, or a town you happen to drive through, but however brief of an acquaintance, I want to drop a star on any darkness you may carry.



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