SUN3_002In Figure Skating there are certain tests a skater must pass in order to advance to the next level. I intend to pass all of the Adult Gold tests I can. I am not content with just passing the Bronze or Silver. I want to go all the way with it. Which means, I have to put the work into it. I have to do everything I can to condition my body for strength, flexibility and grace. I have to be committed to my coach and show up for the lessons and be teachable. I am dedicated to my sport and my hard work is producing exactly what I want it to. But what if I wasn’t as dedicated and did not do what was necessary to get me to the next level? Simply put, I will stay at the level I was currently at. If I continued not to be as dedicated or did not put the time in to keep my skating level as is, it would fall back to a beginner level. At that point, I would have nothing to complain about. It was my own lack of willpower or interest that caused the decline in my skating skills.

I take 2-3 walks a day in the nearby cemeteries right behind where I live. As bad as it sounds, it really is a peaceful walk where I do a lot of pondering and praying. It’s usually where I can hear God speak to me as I am genuinely quiet and not running around in a chaotic tail spin. When I was talking to Him about my film and my work as an author, He said loud and clear, “You haven’t taken it to the next level.” He wasn’t talking about the scripts or what’s inside the books. He was stating to me that I was not involved with the social aspect of being an author or filmmaker. I wasn’t getting my work out there for others to see, read or want to invest in. I was almost stagnant in not providing more of my business self to the outside world. Although it is true, I have spent the last several months getting well from a serious illness. But now that I am healthy again, (thank God), what am I doing about promoting my books and film? What am I doing to improve myself or my image? Regardless of what anyone says, we seriously only get about 10-30 seconds to make a good first impression. Am I out there passing around business cards or leaflets explaining what we are doing? Am I on all of the social media sites, or doing any radio talk shows or getting our projects in the newspapers?  God would not have told me what He did if I was.

I just need to now change my focus and begin to advance to a higher level in business and not stay in the same place wishing I was progressing. Wishing doesn’t help anyone. We have to focus our attention on the desired result and do what it takes to get there. I want to be a Gold level skater. I know what it will take to get me there. Do I want to be a best selling author? Do I want to have a block buster film series? Of course I do. But in all honesty, the corporate business world is different from me sitting at home all day on my computer wearing jeans. Even at home, I have to start to make the necessary changes so that I start to feel comfortable with the changes there first. Confidence or lack thereof is easily projected within, as previously stated, the first 10-30 seconds.

It’s a new day. The old ways of doing things are no longer valid or acceptable. We are passed it. But unless I go with the flow and do what is necessary to bring us to a higher level, we will stay right where we are or worse yet, fall backwards. I know God will see us through if we are willing to listen and do what He says.

I’m on it!






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