It is bad enough when we make our own stupid mistakes. But, when someone else makes them for us and hurts our progress, or is unethical in their business dealings, the brunt of the impact can be felt like getting rear ended at 70 plus miles per hour. I know. I have been there. It sends everything out of whack, causes severe stress as well as emotional upheaval. My first reaction is to lash out. They tell me people with brain injuries do that first when they are upset. I don’t believe that is the case in this situation. When you are stolen from, how else are you supposed to react? Then I shut down and not talk to anyone. Which I think is brain injury related. When the storm passes, I am able to function again.

I try to be very careful with what I post on Facebook or other social media sites. We can get ourselves into a whole lot of trouble just by posting too much information. Wanting to be positive and yet posting negative crap, does nothing good for anyone. I have enough self control over my emotions to at least respect those who read my blogs or posts. But sometimes, I just lose it! But as an author, I am also supposed to find it. Still, I have to see the beauty in the broken. Take this above picture for instance. Over 150 years ago that field saw horrific bloodshed between Union and Confederate Soldiers. This picture was taken at the Triangular Field near Devil’s Den. I don’t know how  long that gate has been broken, or even how long it has been there. But, I do know, in the composition of how it is resting on the pole, it creates an element of peace and serenity. Throughout the harsh winters of Gettysburg; the rains that have beaten down on it; the blistering hot sun and the aging of passing time;  though broken, it still stands. Though broken, it still retains its purpose. It is still a gate is it not? Sometimes, we too are also broken and we must find the comfort in resting on our Creator’s lap. Though life is unfair at times, we have to excel beyond the unfairness to the beauty in our recovery. Regardless of what was stolen from me, some people still have less than what I have. Perhaps God allows the mistakes of others to open our eyes to a much bigger problem. Did I forgive the mistakes yet? Or am I still too busy being angry and upset that I myself sin and end up in a deeper hole?  People are going to lie, cheat and steal. It is unfortunately part of life. Our reactions must not reflect an ongoing need for revenge. We can however, change our circumstances so that we are no longer affected by those people or use their services. I won’t bash the name of the company for all eyes to see unless it had caused physical harm. I just have to make some adjustments so as to not get “screwed over” by them again. Perhaps, it took all of this for me to finally make the right decision as to leave this company. It was never God’s fault. But perhaps it was His mercy in allowing this wrong, so that I will eventually get it right and not continue to be stolen from. Living in an imperfect world, we have to see the beauty in the broken or we will become insensitive, unkind, uncaring, calloused and without compassion. Though anguished, this too shall pass and the sun will shine again.

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