When the dream inside you looks as if it will never happen, what do you do? Do you just give it all up and throw in the towel? How can you do that or even think along those lines? Do you not know that there are those who are watching, waiting, for God to show up and do the great things you said He could and would? What do we teach our children when we express great faith and then just quit? Wow! The world needs impossible things to become possible. It is called testimony. It is called inspiration and it provides a source of hope. We have to stop falling so short of His greatness. He doesn’t lie. He can do above and beyond anything we can even ask or think. Yet, when the grueling demands of our dreams still haven’t produced what we had hoped, we have to take one more step forward and do it anyway. It might seem hopeless, fruitless and without a solid basis. But if you just do it anyway, it has to show up and do exactly what it was called to do. Don’t quit. People around you need this to happen. They need to see the impossible come to pass, so that they have something to believe in.

Why am I writing this today? I wanted to quit. I was crushed beyond belief over issues that were not my fault. I saw no other way then to walk away from what I had worked so hard for. However,  I know enough about God that He is faithful. I simply cannot deny others the miracle I am believing for. God doesn’t deserve my lack of faith and lack of endurance either. I can do this, because He is with me. Sure I get tired. I get upset. I even get angry when circumstances unexpectedly block my way.

So, what do I do now? I do it anyway.  I jump over, push through, or go around the obstacles. I am being watched. I will not let down those who need my miracle to come to pass. But more importantly, I won’t let down the God I serve. With His help, I will do it anyway!







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