12115563_10206571391977312_1179404967971334011_nI read a lot of different view points from Christian leaders and at times, I am quite perplexed.  So, I have to narrow what I can accept as truth, by a selected few I trust.  Only God knows the number of people who have been hurt by the church. We all go expecting to be loved, welcomed and ready to serve the Lord with “gladness.” But unfortunately, it was a rude awakening instead.

Part of my “hardness” is due to what I suffered. But, I also consider them to be battle scars. I am open to correction, but ultimately, I will do what I believe God is instructing me to do and not man. Religion hates my tattoos. Religion tells me I have to wear a dress to church. I am pretty sure I don’t own too many of those and I am happy with my jeans. I was never allowed to speak or to give a talk in church. I was denied time and time again. But did that stop my voice? No! I have written several books and I write blogs once or twice a week. I will keep writing books, even if my voice is stopped within the walls of what is supposed to be, “God’s House.” I am in the process of making faith based films as well.

If you have been hurt in the church too, you cannot blame God and walk out on Him. You just have to find your voice in something else. We all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. I have left the church and try to go back at various times. But there is a block and perhaps it is my pride. It is something I have to work through with God. He is a God of reconciliation and of healing. Even if people do not know your worth, God knows it. I am needed in the church and so are you. I have not given up on God or I wouldn’t be writing and doing what I do.  I am closer to God now than at any other time in my life. I just found ways to seek Him outside of the church.

Truth cannot be sugar coated. I think adding chocolate sprinkles to something that is poison, doesn’t make it any safer. The problem is that people are so afraid to OFFEND anyone these days that they are not hitting the target dead center. They are speaking half truths and the arrows meant to strike straight to the heart are missing its mark. Even the bible states: Proverbs 20:20 “Blows that hurt cleanse away evil, as do stripes the inner depths of the heart.” Without a clean heart we will still act the same as before. I cannot be Politically Correct and still be God Correct. If I choose to follow man and please the crowd, I cannot please God. In my case, guess who wins. No man other than Jesus Christ gave his sinless life to die on a Cross for me. God gets me; all of me.

So, if what I write or say offends you, just know it is out of a heart of love and not condemnation. Correction can save your life. I would rather not see you fall head first off a cliff and kill yourself. The religious and the P.C.’s of the world might tell you otherwise that you might only break a few bones. However, I have to stand before God not just someday, but everyday. I want my conscience clear before the God I love.






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