This is how I see 2016; lots of glitter. So, let’s define it. “Glitter” is defined as: to shine brightly; sparkling luster;  glisten; to shine with bright points of light.

It’s interesting about the “sparkling” as a definition of glitter. I just recently fell in love with “sparkling grape,” “sparkling cranberry,” “sparkling apple cider,” etc.  “Sparkling” is defined as: to give off sparks, shining brightly; bubbly. The old grape juice, in my opinion, will never be the same. It just will never be as good, or good enough now that I have tasted and have experienced the “sparkling.”

I believe this is how 2016 is going to be for me and those in my world. It will have a new sparkle added to it. Our lights will shine even brighter. We will not go back to the old ways as they now will begin to seem dim and dull. Things that used to be okay, will no longer be acceptable. The new things will have glitter and a certain shine to them. We won’t even want to go back to how things used to be. Because this new year, will be so much more enjoyable and brighter. We will shine in places we haven’t before, because this is something new that we are being introduced to. We haven’t crossed this road before. Oh but when we do, it will be like a bottle of champagne when it pops open. All that pressure, just waiting to be opened; just waiting to be discovered; and just waiting to be used at the right moment…well get ready folks, this is our year to be discovered and to break out of our shells. We will overflow like a newly opened bottle of champagne. It is time for celebration in this coming year of 2016.

We are coming out for sure!


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