I Am a Christian! But NOT a Christian Author!


So what does the title mean? It sounds almost like a contradiction. Well, people ask me all the time what I write about. In trying to find and reach my audience, I know exactly who my audience is; everyone! My books are not just for Christians. It does not sound very Christ like to me and most likely not to you either.

But here’s the deal. I write books that are motivational and inspirational. If I claim to be a Christian author, then only Christians will read my books. HA! The religious do not like me nor do they approve of me. So why would they even bother reading something I wrote, or go see a movie I produced? So on that note, I am basically screwed from reaching anyone…ever!

I have been photographing the picture from the wrong angle.  To capture the most of what I want, I have to realign myself. I do not just want Christians to read my books and to go see my films. Here is why. A lot of what I write is based on personal experience. Because I was the victim of Domestic Violence, I have been able to help many women who are beaten down emotionally. But not from a Christian point of view alone.  I have been there. I have had people read my “I Defied…Suicide” book and tell me much of the same things. I write not as a religious Christian. I write from a woman who has a lot to say from life experiences. God is indeed my universe. I am a Christian. But I am so much more than that. I am a woman; mom; friend; boss; photographer; writer; film producer; figure skater; coach; athlete; creative….and the list goes on and on. I have tattoos that the religious frown upon. I have disabilities that I struggle with every single day. I am high maintenance and it sucks at times to have to live with me.

Believe me, my view point is of personal hardship, perseverance and success. Which is precisely what I want to be able to pass on to someone in need. If I use the label “Christian Author,” I diminish my audience. But on the other hand, what I do is compelled from the love of God inside me. If Christians only come to see my Summer Ray film series, basically it would defeat the purpose. The purpose is triumph over tragedy and seeing the truth hidden in lies of the devil. Not that Christians cannot and will  not benefit from it. But the main objective is, to reach farther across the board to those who do not know Christ at all and who are in need of empathy and not judgment.

I had asked for prayer from a certain ministry. But this ministry is not exclusive. This happens a lot! Their response at first was heart-warming and at first I was encouraged, until I got to the last paragraph. Because in order for me to be blessed, I had to send them money within their allotted time schedule.   If I have to pay for prayer; if God’s anointing only lasts so long; and if His mercy and grace are conditional, I don’t want Him.

These are the kind of people I do not want to be associated with. It’s almost like false advertising. Not every one understands that. But I do. Many people have been deeply discouraged by this kind of garbage. I do not want to be like them. I simply just want to help people by being a good steward over the gifts, talents, and abilities God gives me. I want to show His love, His forgiveness, His kindness, His mercy and His truth.

This is why I will never be a Pastor or an Evangelist. I can better serve God and the rest of the world by just being me! I have to keep it real. Not everyone can handle that. People get easily offended. I try to speak the truth in love. But sometimes truth, is not always easy to hear. My job is motivation. It is not to sugarcoat reality!


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