Faith to me, is the unspeakable decision to just do it anyway. Against all logic; against all fear; against all the doubts of others; and against all traces of what I see or don’t see.

Faith to me is an invisible trust in the God I love. This is accompanied and proven by each step I take forward, toward success and victory. My faith makes God happy. It is priceless to Him. He can provide everything I need with one word.  When the time is right, He will fulfill His promise.  But if I do not persevere and keep adding works to my faith, I will get nothing.

Sure I get frustrated and anxious, when I see what I have to have, to do what I need to do and don’t yet have it. Sure I get down and feel at times like I have worked so hard and have so little to show for it. But when you look at what faith gives God, you cannot put a price tag on it. God is able to do abundantly above all that I can even ask or think. He is able to provide it all in one word as previously stated. The issue is not God. It is me wanting it all right now.

I have to change my thinking. Just like Thomas Edison, failure doesn’t mean I failed. It just means what I tried did not work. I have to keep trying until I find the right source or the right way to do something that God approves of. What may have worked beautifully for others, might not be God’s way for me. I have to press in and find out what God wants me to do, in order to have what I need, to accomplish what I am meant to finish. Jesus paid taxes by a fish. He healed blind eyes with dirt. Naaman was healed of leprosy when he finally submitted to what the Prophet Elisha told him to do. At first his pride got the better of him. He did not want to dip himself seven times in the dirty Jordan River.

So, the only thing I can conclude is, I am not going to get what I need using conventional and worldly methods. I have to go to the fish, or the dirt, or to the people, places and things that are totally contrary to the obvious. WHY? So God will get all the glory for this. So people will look at it and be astonished that it actually was accomplished by no one other than Almighty God. They won’t be able to attribute it to dumb luck or any other excuse. Yes! It takes faith too. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

So, on to new horizons of miracles. To God be ALL the glory!

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