It is my “choice” to figure skate. I have been skating a very long time and I will not ever give it up. Yes at times, it is a sacrificial choice. When my body says, “Stay home.” Or when I would like to buy something else and I need to make the right choice, to save the money for my skating. The choice I make today, affects my progress or the goals I have set. In fact, every choice I make today affects my future.

We do not always think of how our choices affect our daily living and our futurist lives. Normally, we don’t generally stop and ask, “How will this choice affect me or others in my life?”  Most of the time, bad choices manifest the results later on. So we don’t always think about the choice we make at the time we make it. In regard to my skating, I make the choice twice a week to get myself to the ice rink. I have made amazing progress by having a great coach and my own dedication. I can see the choice I make, almost immediately, is for good. But when I am practicing to pass a test, it takes months or even years to accomplish. So I make the choice to persevere until I pass and can go on to higher level.

We all have choices to make; whether right or wrong, good or evil. I hope that my choices are producing hope and inspiration for others. I want to be a beacon of light for anyone who is in danger of crashing into something that could bring them harm and steer them once again, in the right direction!

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