I sit with you, I rest a while. I breathe the crisp clean air. Inwardly I see you smile, wishing I could see you there. I have missed our talks, our walks, our time. But you know, I am always around.  Please don’t feel like I have left you behind, for to you I’m forever bound.

I should have known, you would lift my soul. I should have come sooner to feel yours too. Life you know it takes control, doing what I’m supposed to do. Present day, is just too fast. Before I know it, the day is gone. I should have known your ageless past, would bring me comfort like the morning’s dawn.

 Thank you my friends for reminding me, to the storms God says, “Be still.” The silence speaks what eyes can’t see, as I gaze upon this hill. My settled soul, my restful heart and the knowing that you are there. Time itself can’t tear apart, these precious moments that we share!

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