Summer_Ray_-_Savanna_Cover_for_KindleThere are wars in foreign countries using children as human shields. The thought,
makes the reality of it almost unbelievable. Innocent people as
young as six years old, gunned down while happily watching a
midnight movie by a crazed madman. Even more unspeakable, classrooms
full of innocent children are gunned down, in a place where next to home, is supposed to be the safest. While heroic teachers, other staff and older classmates rush in or stand in front of the gunman and get shot themselves trying to protect their students and classmates.  There are no words to comprehend, or to console, such senseless tragedies. In times like these, distraught and angry people often ask, “Where is God.” God does not kill innocent little children, through abortion,
abuse or guns. He watches in horror and feels the grief of innocent
bloodshed. He is saddened America chose to take His great Name out of
its public schools and courthouses. A country that was once founded on
His Word, now tragically reaps the repercussions of removing it.

Yet churches are not immune to these types of tragedies, as innocent worshipers were gunned down inside a church in South Carolina. The removal of the Confederate Battle Flag did not stop another gunman in Oregon. Blame shifting has been around since Adam and Eve. It is time the world becomes accountable for his or her own actions.

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