As I began to start my day, my first thought was “people are watching.” I don’t mean watching in a bad way, like stalking. But rather, people are watching what I do.  I have started to make myself, because of my work, a public figure. It is exciting that my blogs are getting read, my books are being bought and many have taken an interest in my film series. It is also somewhat startling to me at the same time. I have gone from a very private person, to a woman who strangers want to connect with.  I have to remember it is not about me anymore.  When I read reviews of how my work has “helped more than I know,” even with my having a brain injury, it is a tremendous feeling of gratitude. I can still be a source of encouragement and comfort to someone else.

In Volume 1 of my Summer Ray Series  and first film, Rosa Parks tells Summer Ray:

“Summer Ray, to achieve with a disability, you must recognize your limitations. Looking at what you can do, instead of what you cannot. Once you accept your disabilities, you can ascend your abilities.”

Far too often, we focus on what we cannot do. It is easy to use that as an excuse to not even try to accomplish something grand. But we all have something to offer that someone else is in desperate need of. Maybe it isn’t a book, or a film. Maybe it is a cup of coffee, or those clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn, in like five years. Perhaps your heart is so full of love that you can share that with those orphans who need you. Whatever it is, you have something that someone else needs. I have to remember that too.

People are watching. If I talk it, I must walk it. I have to be consciously aware that it really isn’t about me anymore. I am God’s servant. All that really matters at the end of the day and when I wake up is, did I do what He asked of me? Did I love His people and feed His flock? Success doesn’t mean I become arrogant. It means, it becomes less and less about me. So that I can pour out more and more to those who are in need! “Unto whom much is given, much is required.” Luke 12:48 I have a responsibility to use what God gives me for the good, without complaint. Do I complain, whine and get angry that so much is required of me? Of course. Do I not want to be selfish and have my life all about me and my own happiness? I have come to realize that I will only be happy doing God’s will. Life experiences has taught me that. (Yes! I am laughing at myself). Believe me, I am not a saint. But with all my heart, I love my God. He is my lighthouse. Hopefully when people are blessed by my work, they will see Him shining through instead!

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