Sach’s Covered Bridge; Adams County Gettysburg, PA

I have visited this bridge hundreds of times and will continue to do so! I have seen it in the winter, spring, summer and fall, and  in every kind of weather element. But there is nothing like seeing it viewed in the snow. Sometimes my work is like summer, where everything is basically green. I don’t like to take pictures during the summer due to the lack of contrast.

I need to enlist the help of others who are smarter than me. This way, they can help me get my work to the place of better movement, a smoother flow, a more dramatic spirit, the right colors, the right feel, greater excitement and even more emotional meaning. I accept with open arms, constructive criticism! I am not big on sticking with mediocre. It is like the half way point to greatness. Why people want stay in the middle, is beyond my comprehension.  Although it is true, some people are too arrogant and too full of pride to allow others to give them expert advice. I don’t understand it. When an expert tells me I have a great compelling story, after I have had to rewrite something several times, it makes me jump for joy! It means I now have a finished product of something valuable. I can hold a diamond in my hand, instead of a cubic zirconia. Why? Because I refused to settle for less then the absolute best.

If it means going the extra mile or swallowing one’s pride, isn’t it worth it in the end?

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