ice30Dedication is defined as: committed to task or purpose!

It finally dawned on me that I am working as hard as I do, for a few minutes of an ice skating program that took me years and years of practice to get to. But that two and a half minutes, has the potential to catapult me into something even greater. Think about it. Two and half minutes and thousands of hours of ice practice. I never even thought of it until just recently. I was shocked at the level of hard work, for such a short program. No one but me, has any idea of how hard I worked just to get to this point. No one will ever really know either. This is my “baby.”

But when my program is finally mastered, it will just me be, the ice and the music. God will be watching and so will a lot of people. How will I feel to be standing at center ice while the judges are staring at me? How will I feel when the music starts and the crowd intently follows along with my program? Will I feel confident that I have given my all to this performance? Did I learn each beat, each emotion, each intricate detail of the seconds I have to skate? Will this performance allow me to move to the next level and if so, how will I react? Or will I feel like I usually do when I take tests, “I could have done better.”

When my first film is finally released on the big screen, will it be something I can be proud of? Did I take the time to do it right, or did I just wing it? People quit and give up after the first few tries or years of not seeing any progress. But people, the progress is usually never seen until the product is ready to be accomplished. Most of the world that goes to see my films, will never know how hard we worked to get them to the movie theater. Behind the scenes, like Thomas Edison is where the real dedication lies. He worked alone in his workshop and tried close to 3,000 times to create the light bulb. But do we really think of that when we turn the lights on? No! We just turn the light on and are happy to have light. But we don’t truly think about all that went into it and how much Edison persevered.

We have to be happy with the results that we are wanting to achieve. If we are not, we will not stay committed. Just because the goal desired is not yet reached, it doesn’t mean that it is unattainable. Just because things do not look as if progress has or is being made, don’t quit. But truly, though I can encourage you, real courage has to come from within. I cannot make you forge ahead, unless it is something you yourself want. No one can make me go to the ice rink each week and practice as hard as I do. No one can force me to keep taking steps toward producing my first film. I have to want these things bad enough to see them fulfilled. Though my skating program is only two and half minutes long, it is the first of many. One thing is a stepping stone for another. When greatness calls, sometimes it rooted in silence first. Maybe no one will ever know all you have had to suffer to see your dreams come true. But truthfully, no one needs to know either. If your dream makes a difference in the world for good, it is a great thing to be able to help the soul, health and well being of another. So for all of you Thomas Edison’s working on bringing light to the world, I just want to say, “Thank you!” You are an inspiration and you are greatly needed.  You never truly know who are you helping to motivate. Perhaps a parent in the stands, or a lost soul burnt out on drugs. Perhaps you will never hear their voice or know their name. Perhaps silently, even if in some small measure you helped to make a difference in their world, that truly is the greatest gift of all. Like Thomas Edison, you chose to persevere!


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