Welcome to my site and my first real blog. Thank you for stopping by and being a part of my world.  My name is Juliana Love.  I am an author; screenplay writer;  and film producer. I write fiction and non fiction books, as well as photography books on the Gettysburg Battlefield. I am a Figure Skater; mother of four and grandmother of two. My books are all faith based as I am a Christian. However, they are not meant only for Christian readers as I too, am still trying to find my way in this life. My motivation and inspiration keeps me driven to success, as well as helping my readers with that extra boost of encouragement.

I suffer from what I refer to as “My Alphabet Issues.” (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury; (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder. Sometimes my vocal communication is not as fluent as my written communication and it causes a whole lot of frustration…just keeping it real. In fact, my motivational and inspirational books are all about “keeping it real.” I believe in “speaking the truth in love.” It is from a heart of love that I speak the truth based on my Christian, NOT religious beliefs. Many people have been hurt by religion and have turned away from God. I know without God, I can do nothing. His heart is to heal and restore. My heart is to help bring you closer to Him in a non judgmental way.

The genres for my Summer Ray Series are suspense/thriller added with epic adventures, paranormal activity, spiritual and romance all rolled into one compelling story within a story. We are currently in pre-production of the first book (in the series) “This Fair and Blighted Land.” I look forward to connecting with you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me.  God Bless you my friends, Juliana



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